At a Glance


What is Vitesse?

Vitesse is a blend of the words “vitality” and “success” to highlight the most coveted descriptors of one’s life and work. Coincidentally, it also means "speed" in French, apropos given the velocity of change we face and the rapid pace with which we are expected to deliver results. Vitesse provides leadership development and organizational effectiveness consulting andexecutive coaching services to help organizations develop leaders, engage employees, and drive results



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Our Specialties

We believe it’s time for a paradigm shift in how we manage our lives and have developed a modern approach to creating balance called Life-Work Infusion®. Our approach is more than a temporary Band-Aid and can result in lasting positive transformation of individuals and organizations. Our executive coaches act as confidential strategic business partners in accelerating your personal and professional success, and our consultants help design and implement realistic work patterns that meet the needs of employees AND employers.

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to help make the workplace work better and help corporations restore their place as responsible and respected citizens of the world. And that starts with people and culture, even if it means one at a time. This approach guides all of the work we do with clients to accelerate development of leaders, engage employees, and improve performance.


Our Experience

We have helped many people across a wide spectrum of organizations, from Fortune 500s to SMBs, to get unstuck, harness untapped potential, realize challenging goals, recognize blind spots and gain clarity, navigate career progression and change, and restore work-life balance. And we eat our own cooking, modeling the vision in our own lives.