Who uses coaches?

Anyone who has personal and/or professional objectives and is ready to take action to reach their full potential. Coaching clients are healthy, already successful people who are seeking even greater fulfillment and achievement in their personal and/or professional lives.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring, consulting, and therapy?

Coaching helps you focus on getting what you want out of life now and in the future and involves an active, two-way relationship between coach and client. Coaching is designed to facilitate thinking or learning new behavior for personal growth or professional advancement.

Mentoring is usually given by a more experienced person who provides advice, guidance and support to a less experienced person. Mentors are seen as experts, and their protégés typically learn from their wisdom and greater experience.

A consultant provides advice or expert knowledge to a client in a particular field or discipline. The consultant is typically accountable for delivering on the outcome. There is an expectation that the client will implement the consultant's recommendations.

Therapy or counseling focuses on psychological or psychosocial issues with emphasis on diagnosing the client/patient. While some aspects of therapy can be future-based, it frequently has a focus on examining the past.

Is it appropriate to have a coach and a therapist at the same time?

Yes. Coaching and therapy, while both highly effective, are very different forms of development. Your therapist should be made aware if you are also working with a coach, and vice versa.

Isn’t Coaching “New Age”?

Not at all. Coaching is a mainstream discipline practiced by professionals in 162 countries. In fact the efficacy of coaching is based in hard science, using the knowledge of how our brains form habits and patterns of behavior. Neuro-scientific research has shown that coaching helps clients develop positive new neural networks in their brains, respond more calmly to stress, make more sound choices, and access more of their innate creativity.

Vitesse CEO Shani Magosky was trained by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the oldest and largest in-person coach training organization in the world. CTI has trained over 35,000 coaches and as well as employees in more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. CTI’s Co-Active® Coach Training Program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry. CTI has recently published a white paper (pdf) correlating coaching and positive effects on the brain.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

This varies from client to client. The objective is to help you achieve the results you seek from coaching as quickly as possible, but transformation may take time. And of course, life constantly throws us new challenges. Thus, the number of sessions will vary depending on the nature of your personal, professional, and/or organizational goals and challenges.

How much does coaching cost?

A coach is a strategic partner, and fees are in a range similar to other essential business service providers such as attorneys and accountants.

Do you take medical insurance?

At this time, no health insurance companies that we are aware of cover coaching.

Are you a career coach?

We absolutely work with people who are looking to change jobs, advance their careers, or start up a business but we are not solely career coaches. When we work with clients on careers, it’s a bit of “Coachulting,” as we can also assist in resume writing and interview preparation if requested.

Do you do group/team coaching?

Yes, please contact us for group pricing and logistics.

Can I speak to clients you have coached?

Yes, please contact us, and we will arrange this for you. You can also read testimonials.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, cash, or check.

Are you available for public speaking?

Always! Please contact us to discuss your event and learn more about the various keynotes we can deliver.

Are you available for interviews?

Absolutely. Vitesse CEO Shani Magosky has been interviewed for many traditional and online publications during her career and is very comfortable speaking with the media.