Flexible Workplace Consulting


Flexibility is no longer a begrudged accommodation or employee benefit; rather, it must be a real, scalable strategy that is endorsed by senior leaders and is woven into the fabric of the culture. In order to stay relevant, organizations need to be flexible and must go beyond historical lip service and window dressing to create a truly functional workplace where realistic work patterns meet the needs of employees AND employers. A flexible workplace strategy is critical for attracting, engaging, and retaining not only working mothers, but also men and childless workers.

We advise on many aspects and permutations of flexwork, such as:

  • Design and implementation of a flexible work strategy
  • Telework and virtual work arrangements
  • Job sharing
  • Flexible hours and compressed work weeks
  • Part time and part-year work
  • Sabbaticals, caregiver time-off, and other extended leaves
  • Creative/tailored work solutions

Once the big leadership and cultural hurdles of embracing flexibility are surmounted, there are two critical tactical challenges in managing a virtual or flexible work team: (1) equipping your employees with the right tools with which to collaborate and communicate productively, and (2) ensuring accountability.

  • We advise on integrating a variety of different collaborative cloud-based software applications and communication tools into your workflow in order to help executives, teams, and individuals leverage time, effort, and resources, including:
    • Outlook and Outlook 365
    • Dropbox
    • Evernote
    • Google Apps
    • Asana
    • Skype
    • Web conferencing platforms
    • Various social tools
    • Plain language consulting
    • Email, text, and IM protocols
    • Virtual meeting protocols
  • Ultimately, accountability is the key to performance. The focus in any flexible work arrangement is on how the work will get done and what benchmarks – clearly defined both in terms of deliverables and time – are realistic. Accountability is a broader challenge we address when working with executives and management teams to facilitate strategic planning sessions.

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