For Individuals

Professional athletes and sports teams have coaches, right? Naturally, people who consistently perform at such a high level with that amount of stress and competitive pressure need a coach to succeed! If knowledge were enough, wouldn’t we all just read the proverbial “book” and be experts at golf, piano, Mandarin Chinese, summiting Mount Everest, or (fill in the blank with any new challenge)?

What is executive coaching anyway?

Simply put, executive coaches turn on light bulbs within their clients, helping them experience transformational epiphanies. This is important because our best learning is generated internally and not by being bombarded with more information or unsolicited advice. You see, hiring a coach is an investment in taking your innate talents to the next level, whether it’s on an athletic field, in a boardroom, or in your family room. It’s very difficult to be objective about yourself, and most people are too busy and/or self-limiting to find the answers.

Coaching is not consulting or therapy. Generally speaking, consultants tell you what to do, and therapists help you resolve past issues. Coaching is also different from mentoring, managing, or training. Coaching focuses on the future, supporting you to bring out your personal best now and going forward. For more information on the distinctions between coaching and other disciplines, please see the FAQs.

Is executive coaching for me?

Last time we checked, there was no “How To” manual for dealing with the peaks and valleys of life. So when circumstances are challenging, executive coaching can make it easier. For example:

  • Are you, your family, or your employer undergoing difficult or unexpected changes and you want support navigating them?
  • Were you recently promoted or transitioning to a new job?
  • Or are you confused about your career progression or contemplating a career change?
  • Are you a retiree looking for support in visioning and creating a truly fulfilling next phase in your life, with no regrets?
  • Are you grappling with a big decision?
  • Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed by an important issue?
  • Do you need help getting and/or staying on track towards your goals or dreams?
  • Do you constantly struggle with work-life balance?
  • Do you think you could be happier and more fulfilled in general?
  • Do you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle?
  • Are you interested in exploring internal challenges or excuses that may be sabotaging your ability to make lasting changes or slowing down your progress?

It’s time to get a business coach on the sidelines of your life.

Returning to the sports analogy, have you ever hired a golf pro to get rid of your slice, a tennis coach to improve your backhand, a trainer to push you toward a fitness goal, or a ski instructor to smooth out your turns? If so, then you likely saw your swing or backhand improve, transformation of your body shape and endurance level, and far more graceful carving down the mountain. The same concepts hold true when hiring an executive coach to boost performance and heighten experiences where it matters most - in your professional and/or personal life. Even the most talented, driven, and successful of us get stuck sometimes or can ‘up our game’ even further.

We foster a coaching environment that is safe, courageous, honest, curious, creative, collaborative, and sometimes provocative. And, of course, always confidential. If you want to find out more how Executive Coaching works, or how we work with clients, contact us.