Life-Work Infusion® Programs

Work Life Balance and Employee Engagement Coaching



Implement best practices for hiring, developing, and reinforcing high performance.

The Life-Work Infusion® framework not only offers valuable flexibility to individuals but also benefits the organization more broadly. The concept is similar to merger synergies, which need to be nurtured and managed in order to be actualized. It's a new approach to work life balance programs.

When applied to an organization, the math of Life-Work Infusion® takes on an exponential quality, where a multitude of “Infused” executives, managers, and employees drive elevated performance for the whole organization. Furthermore, those “Infused” executives, managers, and employees will generally have lower levels of stress, contributing to lower overall healthcare costs for the organization. As a result, a Life-Work Infusion program can drive value for many stakeholders at both the top and bottom line levels.

Life-Work Infusion® programs are customized and may encompass the following elements:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Benefits
  • Compensation & Other Rewards
  • Recruiting and On-boarding
  • Training & Development
  • Feedback/Review Systems
  • Employee Wellness & Stress Management
  • Flexible Workplace Solutions
  • High Potential Employee Recognition and Development
  • Employee Retention
  • Technology Solutions
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Innovation Programs

Life-Work Infusion® programs tackle the issues from the top-down because getting “Infused” almost always involves a culture change that must be designed, communicated, modeled, and enforced by the top levels of an organization. In fact, we’ll go out on a limb and declare that it is the responsibility of today’s leaders to set a healthier tone in their organizations.

To discuss implementing a Life-Work Infusion® program for your team or organization, please contact us.

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